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Motor Sports Council report
The definitions of careless, reckless and dangerous driving will be removed from the regulations from 1 January 2007. In their place will come a new clause `Driving in a manner incompatible with general safety, or departing from the standard of a reasonably competent driver.` This will remove the current confusion and potentially overlapping offences, while allowing stewards to vary the penalty according to the severity of the infringement.

With immediate effect the Off Road Committee will be renamed the Cross-Country Committee, bringing it in line with current FIA terminology. This is in preparation for the UK`s first ever Baja GB, being held on August 19-20.

The classification of timekeepers as National A and National B will cease at the end of this year. Henceforth all timekeepers will be classified as National and categorised according to their discipline – Speed, Race, Kart and Rally.

Also presented to Council were Recommended Guidelines for the operation of Local Authority/Charitable Touring Assemblies, often referred to as Static Cruises.

An editor has now been appointed to begin the process of rewriting the Blue Book. The first stage of this will come online in 2007, with a view to a full revision being completed for the 2008 season.

The full and official wordings from all regulation changes will be published in Motorsports Now! and the 2007 Blue Book.

Release MSA06-034: 26 June 2006

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