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Thank you to the BGP volunteers
The meticulous preparation, effective contingency plans and a good slice of better weather enabled the record crowds to enjoy what they came for – a world class event.

In the UK, we are rightly proud of our motor sport pedigree and that reputation was enhanced this weekend both on the track, as Lewis` astonishing debut season continued, and off it, with yet another excellent display from the finest group of volunteers in the world. Our sincere thanks go to these people, not just for this weekend, but for their continued dedication to the sport throughout the rest of year.

We are delighted to report that the marshals` prize draw was won by Stuart Wilkins, a spectator marshal, whose honeymoon next year is now likely to feature a trip to a European Grand Prix of his choice.

With best personal regards

Colin Hilton
Chief Executive
Motor Sports Association

Richard Phillips
Managing Director
Silverstone Circuits Limited