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MSA Statement regarding non-MSA events
All MSA licensees agree to be bound by the Rules, as set out in the Blue Book, and in return the MSA ensures that those rules are followed by everyone concerned. This means that competitors can concentrate on their sport, without worrying about issues of safety and insurance, or whether the event or Championship is properly run.

The situation is significantly altered, however, for people participating in a non-MSA event, whether as part of the organisation, as an official or as a competitor.

As a competitor in a non-MSA event you will not have any of the benefits of the insurance arranged by the MSA, for example:
• Cover by MSA Master Insurance Policy - Personal Accident, which is fully explained in Section W of the current Competitors` Yearbook.
• Knowledge that by issue of the MSA Permit the organisers are covered by the MSA Master Insurance Policy for Third Party Liability up to £30,000,000 for any one accident/incident, which is fully explained in Section W of the current Competitors` Yearbook.
• Exemption from prosecution under the Road Traffic Act 1991 for dangerous or careless driving in a public place, whilst driving within the rules of the competition for which an MSA Permit has been issued. (B6.1.)
• Officials running the meeting have been trained to do so and are regularly kept up-to-date by annual/bi-annual seminars.
• A judicial system to ensure fair play.

As an official or organiser of a non-MSA event, you will not enjoy the following benefits:
• Cover by MSA Master Insurance Policy - Public Liability - third party liability up to £30,000,000 any one accident/incident
• Official Cover by MSA Master Insurance Policy - Personal Accident - Cover of which includes travelling directly from home to an event and back home again from the event.
• A set of rules, complying with those of the FIA.

Any official injured in a non-MSA event is not covered by the MSA insurance and should any official make a mistake, then they will not be covered for negligence under the MSA insurance.

Taking part in any event that is not sanctioned by the MSA removes all the safeguards that the MSA provides, regarding safety of the venue, safety of the event, suitability and eligibility of the vehicles, the competence of the people running the event and what insurance cover is provided.

Finally, of course, such events do not count within the sport as they carry no recognised championship status and will not count for signatures on a licence.

Release MSA06-030: 19 February 2006

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