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MSA confirms free first-time licences for Under-16s
The move is designed to capitalise on the recent surge of interest in motor sport, particularly in karting, and the governing body has removed the fees to try to encourage youngsters to make the step to MSA-sanctioned competition.

Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive:
“We know that motor sport suffers from certain ‘barriers to entry` that exist, or that are perceived to exist, in our sport. We also know that cost is the principal consideration for people getting involved in the sport, so while that first licence fee might only be a small fraction of the participation costs, we are sending out a message that we actively want people to join us.

“We`ve got a great chance right now to create a whole new generation of motor sport competitors, volunteers and enthusiasts. The MSA is absolutely committed to reaching out to those people who have perhaps been bitten by the motor sport bug for the first time and we want to make it as easy as possible for those people to join the sport.”

This initiative is the first to be announced by the MSA and will be followed by additional activity that underlines the governing body`s commitment to the promotion of the sport. Further announcements will be made before the end of the year, including a major campaign to take motor sport opportunities to the wider population.

The 2008 licence application form contains clear instructions for young drivers about how to claim their free first-time licence.

Release MSA07-065: 8 November 2007