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MSA issues behaviour warning to motor sport
A recent judgement in the Royal Courts of Justice following an incident at Warden Law kart circuit clearly upheld the rights of landowners reasonably to ban persons from their premises for reasons of unacceptable behaviour. This applies equally to both competitors and non-competitors, irrespective of the status of the activity taking place at the time.

The MSA wholly supports this judgement and wishes to make it clear to the entire motor sport community that personal misbehaviour both on and off the track will not be tolerated.

Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the Motor Sports Association said:
“Three years ago, we introduced regulations to ensure that parents or guardians of young drivers under 18 years of age had to ‘sign on` at each event, to create a ‘contract` between them and the authorities and enabling disciplinary proceedings to be brought if necessary. The measure has been very successful, significantly reducing the number of these offences seen at events involving young drivers.

“There has, however, been a sharp rise in the number of cases of violence or threatened violence of serious abuse in recent years and we absolutely have to stamp it out. We fully support landowners and venue operators who ban people for unacceptable behaviour. MSA officials dealing with unacceptable behaviour both on and off the track have the full support of the MSA. The sternest possible line will be taken against competitors who are brought before the National Court for any reason of unacceptable behaviour.”

Dennis Carter, Chairman of the Association of Motor Racing Circuit Owners said:
“The Association applauds and will strenuously support the governing body and any individual circuit owner in taking appropriate action to stamp out any form of violent behaviour from within motor sport.”

Release MSA07-070: 11 December 2007

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