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National Court: 1 May 2007
Lennox-Lamb had finished in first position, but in parc ferme an engine seal on his kart`s engine was missing, although the wire was still in place. It was claimed this had been knocked off in an incident with another kart during the race and the Clerk of the Course, accepting photographic evidence that the seal had been present on the grid, took no action.

The father of a rival driver, Sam Jenkins, appealed to the stewards of the meeting who overruled the Clerk of the Course and excluded Lennox-Lamb from the results, thus promoting Jenkins to first position.

Reinstating Lennox-Lamb the Court identified that:
• Jenkins had no right of appeal as there had been no incident involving him and thus he was not directly affected, nor had he lodged a protest prior to appealing or had a penalty imposed against him personally.
• Mr Jenkins was not eligible to appeal on his son`s behalf – this should have been done by the driver`s entrant, his mother, whose signature appeared as such on his championship registration form.
• A missing seal equates to an eligibility issue and so the incident should have been referred directly to the National Court and not heard by the stewards.

Court Chairman Tony Scott-Andrews said: “An appeal such as this should not have been dealt with by the stewards but should have been directed to the National Court and notice of the appeal should have been signed by the entrant.

“In this particular instance, however, this competitor did not even satisfy the criteria for lodging an appeal such that the appeal to the stewards must be regarded as invalid.”