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MSA Council opens nominations for membership of Specialist Committees
The Specialist Committees, covering Autotest, Cross Country, Historics, Karting, Race, Rallies, Speed Events and Trials, meet two or three times a year, normally at Motor Sports House. The topics of the day are discussed, new regulations and other issues debated, after which the decisions and minutes are communicated via the Committee Chairmen at the next MSA Council meeting for approval.

There are no formal qualifications required and the only stipulated requirement is that all Committee members must be a member of an MSA-recognised motor club or Regional Association who must `sponsor` the application. The role is entirely voluntary, although expenses will be paid to cover travel to Motor Sports House, and the appointment is for a three year term, with each person to serve no more than three consecutive terms, apart from in exceptional circumstances.

"It is vitally important that Committees are continually refreshed with `new blood`," says Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive. "I don`t think many people realise that they are eligible to stand for nomination, but new recruits always bring a sense of renewed purpose and a fresh perspective which is so important in this role. We would encourage anyone with a passion for their sport to get involved and help to develop and shape it for the future."

Nick Pollitt, now Chairman of the Trials Committee, made his application almost ten years ago, he says, "to see if the system was open and transparent. I saw the advert in Wheels, asked my club to do the letter, sent in a CV and thought that would be the last I`d hear of it. When my nomination was confirmed I got a surprised call from the then Chairman of Trials Committee, Julian Fack, who was already a good friend, wondering why I hadn`t told him about my application. I explained that I had wanted to see what happened without calling in any favours - and it proved that the system really did work.

"What we really need are more young people on our Committees, to bring the average age down and bring their enthusiasm to the process. But I would stress that you really must want to serve on a Committee because it`s not just the two meetings a year; there`s a lot to be done in the intervening period, not least of which is liaising with the staff at Colnbrook who, it has to be said are, nowadays, extremely helpful and efficient."

How to apply
Applications should include a brief CV of your motor sport involvement and achievements, including any relevant qualifications, together with your name, address and contact details. The application should be sent by your MSA-registered club or Regional Association to Andrea Wren at Motor Sports House, Riverside Park, Colnbrook, SL3 0HG to arrive before the end of June 2008.

Release MSA08-016: 19 May 2008