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Robert Reid appointed Performance Director
The MSA Performance Director will be the figurehead for all Human Performance within motor sport and will set the strategy for all MSA sports performance initiatives. It is an essential appointment in the MSA`s strategic drive towards the development of sporting excellence within British motor sport and will bring together the various schemes already in place, as well as investigating and creating new projects.

Robert Reid will assume responsibility for the development of motor sport talent in Britain and its promotion on the international and world stage. The MSA envisages that a ‘whole sport` approach will ensure that every aspect of the sport, from grass roots through to Elite, is brought together with the common goal of achieving major success for Britain`s drivers.

Specifically, the role of MSA Performance Director will embrace the following areas:

* Training – Overseeing the on-going development of the MSA`s Elite programmes and establishing new initiatives to deliver accredited learning and training throughout the sport.

* Funding and sponsorship – Build and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders and investigate funding streams for all levels from sponsors, government, commercial partners and other sources.

* Representation – Liaison with teams and manufacturers throughout the sport to meet their objectives and establish partnerships which may help to promote the MSA`s Elite and Academy performers.

* Opportunities – Identifying and capitalising on opportunities that present themselves and assisting the UK`s Elite participants in making the most of them.

* Benchmarking – Analysing the activities of other ASNs to ensure that the UK is setting the highest possible standards.

Robert Reid said:
“This is a really exciting challenge and one that I am very much looking forward to. In the last three years, I have been able to put my experience to good use in helping the development of a small number of elite rally drivers and co-drivers and we have had some encouraging results.

“But there is a much bigger role to be undertaken to establish a sustainable structure throughout the sport that will create a genuine long-term development programme. We need to widen participation, embrace education, set up accredited qualifications, provide elite driver training and then ensure that we back our best performers to be successful on the world stage.

“I will also be representing the MSA and British motor sport in discussions with manufacturers, sponsors and teams. It`s something that the MSA has not been in a position to do before and I very much hope that this will help to create exciting new opportunities for our best drivers.”

Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the Motor Sports Association, said:
“We are absolutely delighted to have secured Robert in the role of Performance Director. Not only does his track record bring instant credibility, but he has demonstrated a unique vision and understanding for the challenge of developing British motor sport at the highest level.

“This is a vital appointment in the MSA`s commitment to delivering a ‘whole sport‘ strategy. We have invested substantially in Go Motorsport and Let`s Go Karting to stimulate participation in the sport and we have successfully established the Elite programmes in race and rally. But a more co-ordinated, holistic approach to the development of the sport can only be beneficial and increase our ability to create sustainable levels of new participants which will feed the talent pool that will ultimately deliver stronger elite representation.”


About Robert Reid

Date of birth: 17th February 1966
Career highlights: 2001 FIA World Rally Champion co-driver
1993 MSA British Rally Champion co-driver
Stats: 103 WRC rallies (Mitsubishi, Subaru, Peugeot)
10 wins
34 podiums

Robert Reid is best known for co-driving Richard Burns to the 2001 World Rally Championship in their Subaru Impreza, but his contribution to and knowledge of British motor sport extends far beyond that.

Robert`s rallying career began in 1984 and for seven years he competed as a navigator on all manner of rallies around the UK, truly discovering the perseverance and dedication required to become one of the very best in the business.

His partnership with Burns started in 1991 and together they won the British Rally Championship in 1993 before graduating to the World Rally Championship. After finishing as runners up in 1999 and 2000, they went on to claim the title in 2001. Robert`s competitive career was cut short at the end of 2003 when Richard Burns was diagnosed with the brain tumour that was to claim his life two years later.

In recent years Robert introduced the UK`s first elite talent development scheme as Performance Director of the MSA`s British Rally Elite, calling on his vast experience to create one of the leading programmes of its kind.