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JTV Launch - 1/3 June
After the disappointment of delaying the original launch in April, the JTV will be at this weekend‘s Association of Rover Clubs National Rally at Newnham Park, Plymouth.

A significant number of improvements have been made since JTV 1’s last outing. There is a revised hub carrier that is much stronger and channels torque loadings from the stronger brakes fitted directly into the chassis. This was found essential after the first tests with the fiddle brakes fitted. There is a completely new handbrake system, based upon that from a Freelander. A substantial new transaxle skid plate made in 6mm mild steel provides more than adequate protection and adds weight where it is needed over the driven wheels. There is also a revised front skid in 3mm mild steel to replace the aluminium skid fitted for the Autosport Show last January.

More significantly, JTV 2&3 are now complete and running and so there will be three vehicles available for inspection and demonstrations this weekend. These vehicles feature a new single piece rollcage and other simplifications to the package which makes assembly easier. From the outset, the project has sought wherever possible to use existing components with the minimum of special parts.

And Oliver Mizen will be bringing his Toro, the original JTV Prototype as well, so there will be plenty to come and see.

Last weekend, JTV 1&2 were subject to a thorough testing in the South East by a group of young drivers who provided valuable feedback and further tweaks are being made this week by BCT Engineering in the light of their comments.

We are as ever grateful for the support given by Countax Ltd (Supply of Westwood tractors and technical support), Securon (Seat Belts), Tillett Racing Seats (Seats), J C Forrest Motor Factors (prompt supply of many odd sundries at short notice), Paul Davis for the loan of his trailer, Debby and Charles Darby for their on going support and assistance and Tony and Dave at BCT for working through last Friday night to have JTV 1&2 ready for last weekend‘s tests.