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At present, a competition licence issued by any European Union country (also by Andorra, Iceland, Monaco, Norway, San Marino or Switzerland) and bearing the EU flag is valid for any British event, providing the holder complies with all the requirements for that event. Such a competitor is subject to Motor Sports Association regulations while competing in any British event.

Similarly, any British competition licence holder of National A grade or higher is entitled to compete in events within the 21 countries (15 European Union members, plus the 7 listed above), providing he or she complies with the requirements of the event and the regulations of the relevant national governing body.

The effect is that many national events can attract competitors from the 21 countries, without those events being listed on the FIA International Calendar.

The FIA World Motor Sport Council recently amended its International Sporting Code, so that the privileges described above will, from 1 January 2003, be available at National level only to “professional competitors”.

However, for the year 2003 only, the FIA General Assembly has agreed a ‘half-way house`, whereby a competition licence holder will be permitted to take part in a national event in any of the 21 specified countries, provided that event is entered on the 2003 FIA International Sporting Calendar as a “National Event with Authorised Foreign Participation” (NEAFP). Each listed event will be subject to an FIA fee of €150.

Applications for next year`s NEAFP listings must be with the FIA no later than 30 October 2002, so aspiring organisers are asked to contact Ian Davis at Motor Sports House (tel 0175 376 5000; email as a matter of urgency.

British competitors need take no action at this stage, but will need to ensure before entering any non-UK event that the event has NEAFP status.

The FIA World Motor Sport Council has ruled out proposals from various European governing bodies for bi-lateral “cross-border arrangements“.

An FIA Working Group has been created to revise and update the rules affecting the European Union and all other FIA zones. The members are Nazir Hoosein, Yvon Léon, Radovan Novak and Jacques Régis.

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