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The Motor Sports Association, the national governing body of motor sport in the UK, has confirmed that the following individuals have been elected by the Motor Sports Council to the Board as non-executive directors of the Motor Sports Association, effective 1 January 2003, for a period of three years: Ronnie Trouton; John Wood; Alan Gow.

Ronnie Trouton and John Wood have been re-elected, while Alan Gow was elected for the first time.

Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the Motor Sports Association, commented: “I am delighted that Ronnie Troughton and John Wood will continue as non-executive directors on the Board of the Motor Sports Association and I welcome the addition of Alan Gow, who I look forward to working with in this role.”

There are 12 directors on the MSA Board: two executive (Colin Hilton and Terry Lankshear) and ten non-executive, including the present Motor Sports Association Chairman, Michael Limb, and his replacement from January 2003, Vice-Chairman John Grant.

Ronnie Trouton is chairman of the Motor Sports Council`s Autotest Committee, president of the Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs and a member of the Sports Council of Northern Ireland.

John Wood is chairman of the Motor Sports Council`s Technical Advisory Group and managing director of the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA).

Alan Gow is chairman of the Motorsport Strategy Development Group, the recently-formed central think-tank for sport and industry. He also is a member of the management committee of the Association of British Motor Racing Clubs and the Motor Sports Association`s Race Championships Control Panel.

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