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Parents to be held responsible by MSA
Currently, no contractual relationship exists between the Motor Sports Association and the attendant adults responsible for the welfare of drivers under 18 years of age. The consequence of this is that young drivers have to be held responsible for the behaviour of their guardians – widely acknowledged throughout the sport as a wholly unsatisfactory situation.

By signing on, parents and guardians will confirm that they have acquainted themselves with the MSA`s General Regulations, that they agree to be bound by those regulations, that they will accept the consequences of not adhering to them and accept any associated penalties that may be imposed.

"We have seen some unacceptable behaviour from a very small minority of adults, particularly in karting," explains Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive. "It is clearly not fair that young drivers suffer for the transgressions of those who are supposed to be looking after them. The new wording of the signing-on form will, for the first time, create a legal contract between these adults and the MSA."

The MSA will be producing a leaflet to explain to parents and guardians in more detail exactly what they are signing up to, to ensure that there can be no mis-understanding with the new regulations.