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Southern Rover Owners Club run the first Junior Trial
A total of seven sections were laid out for this Novice Grade event, the
first three running during the RTV lunch break so the parents could watch. Drivers
nerves were stretched to almost breaking point as the first section began and Oliver
Mizen got lost and scored an 8 effectively putting an end to his chances of a debut
win. Bronwyn Stemp and Olivia Southcott were also caught out on this first section
with an 8 and 9 respectively.

As nerves settled a little on section 2 all scored a clear except Bronwyn

The last section at lunch time caught Olivia Southcott and five drivers
remained clear.

When the competition resumed in late afternoon William Cage was caught out
when he crossaxled his JTV in some ruts from the mornings RTV Trial. These same ruts
almost caught Frankie Davis but he managed, just, to keep the JTV moving. The first
five drivers all still clear after the fifth section faced a tougher challenge on the
sixth section. The eleven gate set in a gulley through low bank caught leader Eleanor
Whittaker, driving a Westwood T1200 and poor Bronwyn Stemp who had borrowed Jon Aldridge`s "Sparky" which she found too heavy on the steering. Also falling down the leader board was Felicity Southcott, Olivia`s elder sister, who scored a six.

The final section combined all the different elements and obstacles that had
taxed the drivers on the previous sections. Jon Aldridge and Frankie Davis remained the
only drivers still clear, but there was still pressure from Felicity Southcott and Oliver
Mizen if either leader took scored a six or greater penalty.

The section finished with competitors crossing some more RTV ruts in a deep
and glutinous patch of mud and Oliver Mizen was the first driver to clear this obstacle and
the section, tackling the ruts one wheel at a time, his wide ATV rear tyres making light
work of it all and redeeming honour for his mistake on the first section. Frankie Davis was
next through and took the same line through the ruts, the smaller tyres on his JTV proving
to be just as adequate and he too cleaned this last section. Jon Aldridge had elected to
run last and so keep all in baited breath for a result, but it all went wrong and he missed
the six gate and Frankie Davis won the very first Junior Trial with a penalty free score.

At this time Southern Rover Owners Club have not set a date for their next Junior Trial,
however the All Wheel Drive Club have advertised a Junior Trial at their Easter event at
Lyneham in Wiltshire and Staffordshire & Shropshire Rover Owners Club have confirmed a
Junior Trial at their May Day Bank Holiday weekend to be held at the Ellesemere site in
Shropshire, used by the Goodyear British Off Road Championship. Oliver Mizen is scheduled to be taking his "JTV Proto" to that event where it will do battle with the
Adrian Longstaff`s newly built "Lawn Ranger" based upon a Homelite T10 "Lawn Ranger""