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Revised karting structure finalised
The ABkC Steering Group has been expanded to include not only representatives of the kart clubs, but also panels of experts to consider specific fields of interest, for example direct drive, gearbox, commercial and championships.

The chairmen of these panels will be joined by representatives of kart clubs and the MSA to form the Kart Regional Committee. Decisions taken by that committee will influence directly regulations in the `Gold Book`, karting`s Race Yearbook.

The Regional Committee will make recommendations to the MSA Kart Sporting Committee which, after approval by the Motor Sports Council, will be incorporated into the `Blue Book`.

The Kart Control Board, originally set up to bring the sport and the commercial operators closer together and provide guidance on codes of practice for safety, has achieved its initial objectives. However, the KCB will continue to provide a link between the two sides, creating a forum for open discussion.

"The MSA will continue its role in the governance of the sport," affirms Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive. "We have recognised the importance of consultation with all parties and the ABkC forms the core of the karting community. The new structure will assist us greatly in governing the sport and will also help the sport to develop and progress."

"In the previous structure, we often felt we were on the outside, bombarding the MSA with our requirements," explains Russell Anderson, Chairman of the ABkC. "Now we are part of the decision-making process, it is up to us to make sure that the filtration of the message from the Kart Regional Committee is taken on to the next level. We are sure that this is the right way forward for karting and I am delighted that it has been well received."

"Having announced the initial outline of the restructure at the start of the year, we have had quite a lot of `fine tuning` to undertake before it was fully in place," says Bruce Goddard, MSA Business Development Director. "One of my challenges is to make sure that the kart community feels like a genuine part of the overall MSA and I`m sure this revised structure will help us to achieve this."