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MSA unveils new tabards for all registered rally marshals
In the latest move to improve rally safety and thereby promote the sport`s
development in this country, the MSA will ensure that its trained marshals
are instantly and consistently recognisable on every event.

Thanks to generous support from SLE Worldwide, Alexander Forbes Motorsport
Risk Management Services (the governing body`s insurance provider) and the
Motorsport Safety Fund, the MSA has produced thousands of fluorescent
tabards complete with reflective strip which will be distributed later this
month to those on the MSA Rally Marshals Register.

Last year the MSA set up an initiative to train and register the UK`s force
of rally marshals, as a result of which more than 5,100 people are now
listed on the official register. Around half of these registrations resulted
directly from a series of nationwide seminars organised by the MSA in the
run-up to the 2002 Rally GB, while the remainder have been recruited thanks
to the on-going efforts of regional associations and clubs.

"One of the primary objectives of establishing a centralised Rally Marshals
Register was to improve communications and standards," explains Allan
Dean-Lewis, Head of External Affairs at the MSA. "The register enables us to
have a direct channel of communication with the country`s marshals, keeping
them up to date with developments and notices."

The MSA is confident that the circulation of these special MSA-approved
tabards will make a noticeable difference to the smooth and safe running of
all rallies throughout the UK.

Says Dean-Lewis: "The tabards are designed to be highly visible which not
only improves safety but also makes registered marshals instantly
recognisable to competitors, officials and spectators. With the register in
place, we can mail tabards directly to those individuals, and as well as
being an immediate endorsement for those on the register, the fact that all
trained rally marshals will now be wearing the same attire means that people
will get used to seeing them and this consistency is important."


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