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Karting Update

Item 1
Comer Cadet W60 regulations:
The following amendment to the Kart Race Yearbook, page 6, A.1.4 has been approved, replacing the sentence commencing ‘engine lubricant` –

Engine lubricant must be a synthetic oil meeting the requirements of the JASO FC standard to ensure that the engine exhaust emissions meet the standards set down by the MSA. ‘JASO FC` is to be clearly marked on the lubricant container and is available from the majority of oil product manufacturers.

Item 2
Rotax Max
Please note that amendments have been made to the Rotax Max fiche, copies of the updated fiche are now available from our sales department on 01753 765000.

Item 3
Guidance Notes for the Use of CIK ‘08` Bodywork
Following a number of queries concerning the use of the new 2003 CIK bodywork the MSA has today issued the following Guidance Notes to enable a clearer understanding of the Regulations.
To view the document click the attached PDF file.