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Karting Update

Fiche Amendments-
1. The listed Spark Plugs to be used with the Comer W60 engine are the Bosch W2AS and Bosch W08AS from the 1st June 2004. The regulations allow exact equivalent spark plugs, however to date there are no such spark plugs available.
Reason: These are the nominated spark plugs by Comer and are available at reasonable prices from all Comer agents.

2. There is no maximum weight for the clutch.
Reason: To accommodate production variation and a heavier clutch should not give an advantage to the performance of the engine.

Kart Race Yearbook Clarifications-
1. A1.4.2 (b). A wet box or splash guard may be attached to the W.60 air box providing this in no way modifies the shape or size of the intake trumpet or creates a ram effect. The W.60 air box cannot be modified to aid in the attachment of wet box and attachment must be of a non permanent type, i.e. tape, cable ties.
Reason: This does not give any performance advantage and helps with the reliability of the engine.

2. A1.9.3 (d). Main bearings – 6202 C3 and 6202 C4 can be used. Must still be 8 balls with steel cage.
Reason: To accommodate manufacturer production changes.

3. A1.9.3 (l). Tillitson Carburettors with series number 227 are illegal.
Reason: These Carburettors are copies of the Tillotson HL 166B and not of genuine Tillitson manufacture.

General Information concerning the Comer W60 Engine-
1. Removal of Engine seals-
W60 engine seals can only be removed by approved personal. All Comer sealing agents have been instructed that if a customer brings them an engine without a seal intact, they are not permitted to reseal it. This engine must be returned to Zip Kart (the Comer importer) who will inspect the engine and at their discretion only reseal if they are happy with all contributing circumstances.

2. Assembly of Exhaust components-
The middle silencer section of the W60 exhaust pipe as shown on the W60 fiche drawing on page 7, must be assembled in such a way that the opening of both tubes of ID 13.5mm are located in the main chamber and not in the perforated cone or in line with the opening of the perforated cone.