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MSA moves to reduce number of race championships
A total of 136 outline applications were received via the respective clubs, of which 101 were approved by the RCCP. A further four have been asked to provide further information in support of their application before a decision can be taken at the next meeting.

The RCCP rejected 20 submissions outright, while the remaining 11 have been notified that they are currently failing to meet the criteria regarding the number of entries. Should these championships fail to address this issue in the next 12 months, their application will be rejected at this stage next year.

Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the Motor Sports Association and Chairman of the RCCP, confirms that this is an important first step in the restructuring of circuit racing in the UK.

"The MSDG report concluded that there was a finite number of competitors but an ever-increasing number of championships and the MSA has now taken the first steps in addressing this," says Hilton. "The RCCP rejected the vast majority of new championship proposals for next season and also acknowledged that many of those already in existence will have to address their competitor levels in order to have a future in the new structure."

Expressions of interest were also received on behalf of championships wishing to form part of the new Pro-Racing structure announced last month. However, the RCCP will not be allocating any positions within the Pro-Racing `matrix` until its next meeting, thereby allowing time for further applications to be submitted before the end of October.

Release MSA03-015: 11 July 2003