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MSA judicial review presents discussion paper
The review was instigated at the start of this year in an attempt to curb the rising number of appeals for sporting and technical matters and to try to ensure that the judicial process for different levels of championships was in proportion to the experience and age of the participants.

The Judicial Advisory Panel working group, chaired by Tony Scott-Andrews, has presented a number of initial proposals. Key points, at this stage for consideration and discussion, include:

(1) Matters to be determined at the event and not subject to ongoing and unnecessary appeals, i.e. reintroduce fetters on appeal; one interpretation of the figures over the last three years shows that the number of appeals dealt with by the National Court of Appeal has doubled;

(2) The elimination of appeals from third parties;

(3) The MSC Tribunals are the national final court of appeal, the right of further appeal to the Stewards of the Royal Automobile Club to be limited solely to matters fundamental to the future of motor sport;

(4) Stewards of the Royal Automobile Club to be invited to sit on National Court of Appeal;

(5) All reasonable endeavours to be made to ensure so far as possible that stewards with knowledge of the sphere of motor sport, which has given rise to the appeal, will sit at the National Court;

(6) The powers of MSA and MSC and their respective personnel in judicial terms to be clearly separate and distinct;

(7) The role of an MSA disciplinary officer to be defined;

"This review is absolutely essential to establishing a workable policy for UK motor sport," confirms Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the MSA. "There is agreement that we need to streamline the processes and deal with more matters at the time of occurrence, but we also have to make sure that legally we are absolutely watertight. Above all, we must ensure that we do not again find ourselves with an appeal still outstanding from last season while the current season is already half completed.

"I am delighted that these initial proposals have come through so quickly, but at this stage they are open for discussion and are by no means approved or endorsed. There is an opportunity for feedback in the next two months, so that views can be considered in time for the next Council meeting in September."