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MSA official leads training delegation to China
The Marshals Training Seminar was held at the Goldenport International Circuit near Beijing and hosted by the Federation of Automobile Sports of the People`s Republic of China (FASC).

The training was undertaken primarily for race marshals, but recognised China`s interest in other branches of motor sport including rallying and off-road, and consisted of one day of theoretical presentations including Basic Marshalling and Personal Safety, Incident Handling and Fire Fighting, Casualty Handling, Radio and Communications and Customer Care – including handling spectators and the media. This was followed by a day of practical exercises focusing primarily on Flag Marshalling, Casualty Handling and Fire Fighting.

The seminar included the launch of the Chinese language version of the new FIA Institute training video ‘Motorsport Marshalling` and the supporting pocket guide to marshalling, both produced by the Motorsport Safety Fund, a founder member of the FIA Foundation and an independent UK registered charity.

"It was excellent to see the enthusiasm and commitment of all the marshals, and we were most pleased to see their very positive reaction to our seminar," said Dean-Lewis. "At a time when there is much focus on the current and future development of motor sport in China, it was a great privilege for myself and my three colleagues on our International Training Team to share our experiences with other marshals and event organisers in this way. We have made a lot of new motor sport friends in a very short period of time."

Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive, confirmed the prestige of being involved in the project. "It is important to stress that no one country is more important than another in our world of motor sport and we must all share our ideas and experiences," he commented. "That said, it is obviously a huge boost to the sport in this country that the UK`s standards of training have been internationally endorsed by the FIA Foundation and the new FIA Institute. I am personally delighted that Allan`s vast experience has been recognised at the highest level."