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Executive Board Meeting Decisions - 4th December 2003
Section E
E2.3.2.6 Minimum Age for Race Licences
Insert: ‘Anyone, during the year of their 16th birthday, who is entitled to an International B Kart Licence (or is otherwise approved by the MSA) and who passes a written examination may apply for a National B Race Licence which will be issued to the Race Organising Club. The use of this licence will be restricted to specifically approved Race Championships and will be held by the Club until the competitor reaches their 16th Birthday.`

E2.9.6.3 Insert: ‘(g) Any mental or behavioural disorders,* past or present whether or not under treatment with drugs or therapy.
* As defined in ICD.10 (International Classification of Diseases)`

E12.13.1 Insert: ‘or fuel lines complying with FIA specifications`

Section J
J14.2.2 Insert: ‘Any personnel refuelling the vehicle or on stand-by with a fire extinguisher during a pit stop must wear a safety suit in accordance with Q9.`

Section N
N5.1.3 The use of the Black & Yellow Quartered flag was supported by the Safety Advisory Panel. Agreed the immediate re-implementation of the regulation restricted to Short Circuit, on grounds of safety and subject to drivers` briefings for foreign entrants.

Section Q
Q1.2.5 Optional reinforcement of rollcage
‘The side protection must be as high as possible but not higher than one half of the total height of the door aperture measured from its base.`

Q5 Red Warning Light
Insert: ‘Vehicles fitted with full width bodywork may alternatively use two lights equally located about the vehicle centre line.`