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The proposed format is detailed on the attached diagram.

The creation of the Kart Regional Committee (KRC) represents a significant development. Based on the existing ABkC Steering Group, the KRC will be further widened to ensure representation from every area of the sport. The KRC will then engage in two-way dialogue with the MSA Kart Committee, providing grass roots karting with a direct route into the legislative process for the first time, before new regulations are taken to the Motor Sports Council.

As part of the restructure, the Kart Control Board (KCB) will be wound up. The KCB has achieved its original objectives of bringing the leisure and competition sides of karting closer together, including the establishment of a Common Code of Practice and the introduction of the `pro-karts` scheme for commercial karting.

"There is no doubt that the previous structure was unclear to many people and did not permit proper communication between the relevant parties," acknowledges Russell Anderson, Chairman of the ABkC. "This revised format enables closer interaction between the clubs and the Kart Committee, encourages communication from the grass roots right through to the top and represents a significant step by exercising control of the class regulations within the umbrella of the MSA."

"The MSA is not setting aside its responsibility in terms of the regulatory, judicial and safety aspects of the sport," explains Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the Motor Sports Association. "What we are doing is giving the karting community the opportunity for its voice and opinions to be heard before matters go before Council. I am confident that the new configuration will address these issues and enable the sport to develop and grow."

"Karters represent 17% of MSA licence holders and 10% of MSA permitted events relate to karting," says Bruce Goddard, the Motor Sports Association`s Business Development Director. "However, the karting community has sometimes felt like a poor relation of the MSA and while this has never been true, we must acknowledge that the previous structure was not ideal. We believe that the revised framework offers karting, and all those associated with it, a say in the running of their sport."

Rod Taylor, Chairman of the MSA Kart Committee also welcomes the move. "It is probably long overdue," he concedes. "Because you can participate from eight years old, karting can be a feeder for all disciplines, not just single seaters. We need to look at initiatives to make the sport cheaper and easier to understand, which will encourage more people to participate."