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Motor Sports Council meeting - London, 6 February 2003
With the main body of this year`s legislation passed at the previous Motor
Sports Council on 19 September 2002, the bulk of today`s Council
concentrated on wider issues within the sport.

Three separate presentations were made to the members of the Motor Sports
Council, covering insurance and risk management, the Motor Sports Strategy
Development Group and the Motor Sport Safety Fund.

Nigel Haydon of Alexander Forbes, the Motor Sports Association`s insurance
broker, and David Bromilow risk manager of SLE Worldwide, the governing
body`s insurers, covered recent and possible future developments in the
insurance market and risk management that are likely to impact on motor
sport in the UK.

Alan Gow, chairman of the Motorsport Strategy Development Group, provided an
update on the evolution and progress of the group since its formation in the
latter part of 2002, its current analysis of the core issues and its agenda
for the immediate future.

Stuart Turner, chairman of the Motor Sport Safety Fund, presented an update
on the work of the fund including the latest programme of training videos to
support marshals` training and recruitment.

One piece of legislation was passed for the 2003 season to rectify a current
anomaly on the use of radios. Regulation J9.11(a) now includes the provision
for radio transmitters and receivers to be carried in cars racing at high
speed oval circuits where regulations also now permit the use of spotters.
This regulation comes into immediate effect on the grounds of safety.

Release MSA 03/06: 07 February, 2003

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