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Britain secures place on the FIA World Motor Sport Council
The WMSC governs all international motor sport extending from the pinnacle of Formula One to the millions of amateurs and professionals who enjoy motor sport in all its forms. Grant`s election renews Britain`s presence on the sport`s decision-making council after a lapse of two years.

The WMSC, which meets in Paris quarterly, is responsible for the governance of international motor sport, the implementation and adoption of common regulations for all forms of international motor sport and the promotion of continuously improving safety standards in motor sport.

"I am obviously delighted with the result of this election," said Grant. "Britain is such an important country in the world of motor sport and we have been determined to regain representation on this vitally important world body. I will be looking forward to taking my seat."

Colin Hilton, Chief Executive Officer of the MSA, has been appointed Deputy Titular Member for the UK and he, too, expressed his delight at today`s announcement.

"It has been one of my key goals since taking up the position of CEO at the MSA to resecure a seat on the World Council for Great Britain and I am very pleased with John`s election. It is very important for us to have a voice in the development of international motor sport for the benefit of our members and the sport in general. This is a very positive day for the MSA."