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MSA training recognised by FIA World Council
Set up under the control of the FIA`s Safety Commission, the group aims to help improve safety by establishing common standards around the world and could ultimately assist marshals and officials who wish to operate in other countries.

"I am obviously delighted and honoured to be involved in this initiative," confirms Dean-Lewis. "Motorsport depends heavily on properly trained volunteer officials and the FIA is to be applauded for aiming to establish international standards in this key area. From the initial meeting at the time of the British Grand Prix, it is clear that many countries are addressing similar areas of common interest and concern. The Training Working Group provides us all with a great opportunity to share learning and best practice and examine key issues together."

Dean-Lewis has been at the forefront of the drive to raise training standards in UK motorsport for the last decade, initially as an external consultant to the MSA, then as full time Training and Development Executive, before promotion to his current role. He chairs the MSA Training Steering Group - the policy making body on all training matters - and is actively involved in planning and delivering all training for licensed officials, club officials and marshals undertaken by the MSA.

"We have always recognised that there was a direct link between training and safety and the FIA`s initiative emphasises this," explains Dean-Lewis. "We have made great strides in this area in the UK and we are always looking to improve the training that the MSA provides to club officials and licensed officials. We have welcomed some of our international colleagues to these meetings and the feedback has always been uniformly positive."

Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive, feels that Dean-Lewis` appointment is suitable recognition for his tireless work of recent years.

"It is fair to say that Allan has been instrumental in what has been achieved in terms of training for the UK`s army of motor sport officials. The MSA has been fully committed to improving standards across the board for many years and Allan has been the driving force behind making it all happen. I am delighted that his dedication and commitment has been recognised by the world governing body and I`m sure he will fulfil his international duties with great success."