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Motor Sports Council chairman outlines vision
The role of the Motor Sports Council has always been to govern UK motor sport and formulate the rules, promote safety standards and oversee the dispute resolution and appeals process. Now, however, Council will also consider the policy direction of the sport, the quality and development of British motor sport and ensure that the UK`s views are presented at the FIA World Council. Council will also for the first time approve the calendar for the MSA British Championships.

To accommodate the expanded remit, Stoker has extended Council meetings to allow time for adequate discussion and debate and Council members will be invited to provide periodic reports on the direction of the sport and the issues to be addressed from their respective committees. Home country representatives will also report on the important issues in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

"Our aim should be to fulfil a similar function to the World Motor Sport Council, but at the national level," says Stoker. "We have often referred to Council as the `Parliament` of motor sport, but I don`t think that people really know what that means. Council is the `Sporting Commission`, responsible not only for the regulations, but also for the strategic thinking about the development of the sport. It is a tremendously important role and I hope that refocusing our energies will help us to deliver even greater progress."