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The MSA National Plan
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Introduction by COLIN N HILTON - Chief Executive MSA

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is unique as the most established and active motor sport governing body in the world, the United Kingdom being acknowledged as the heart of worldwide motor sport.
Growing challenges to the sport over the last five years prompted the MSA to commission an independent strategic review in 2002, the first such study of UK motor sport since 1987.
The broad conclusion was that the MSA has established a strong reputation in the areas of governance of the sport, but the changing face of the sport and industry have identified the critical issue of future development.
To move forward the MSA has identified the need for the sport and industry to combine their efforts to address the core issues affecting the development of the sport and by implication, the industry. With both segments reliant on each other for their mutual success, this approach is fundamental to the future. The MSA recognizes that it alone cannot resolve these issues; only through partnership with government, our strategic partners and the industry can the MSA successfully develop the sport.
The MSA has established the Motorsport Strategic Development Group (MSDG), bringing together sport and industry to provide a focused and strategic development plan for British motor sport. A joint secretariat is provided by the MSA for sporting issues and the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) for industry.
Whilst the MSDG will work towards the strategic goals of the sport and industry, the MSA has identified many issues to be addressed by the sport itself, most critical are:

• Investment in the infrastructure of the sport
• A clearly defined and promoted structure to motor sport
• Funding of grass roots and availability of skilled volunteers
• The development of world class talent

To achieve these ambitions, the MSA has segmented the sport into three development areas; leisure, club and promoted activities. The MSA must address all of these.
In recognising the importance of motor sport to the British economy, the Government has established its own ‘Motorsport Development Board` to set the priorities of Government funding to maintain the UK`s leading position within world motor sport.

The MSA is committed to its role in ensuring the development of the sport in the UK while consolidating its core activities of governance and pursuing growth in the participation of motor sport.