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In response to a number of enquiries, which the MSA regularly receives with regard to the MSA Rally Marshals Register, this information sheet has been produced. If you have any queries on the detail of any of the points therein please contact the MSA on 01753 765000.

To join the Register

Download a Registration Form - click the PDF file at the bottom of this page or alternatively from the MSA website ( then click on Member Services>Club Information>Application forms>Rally Marshal application>Download).

Obtain endorsement of your Motor Club (or, if a non-member, that of a local Motor Club for whom you have satisfactorily performed marshalling duties) to the effect that you have satisfactorily performed marshalling duties at a minimum of 3 rallies (Grade 3 appointment)

and (either at this point or before seeking upgrade to Grade 2)

Attend a Marshals Training Evening approved by the MSA for the specific purpose of registering new rally marshals, which includes viewing the appropriate Motorsport Marshalling video (contact details of some of the Training Day organisers are included on the MSA website at Member Services>Rally Marshals>Training Days 2004).

To upgrade from Grade 3 to Grade 2

A marshal must have obtained signatures on the reverse of the MSA Registration Card from a Chief Marshal or other senior event official (e.g. Stage Commander, Sector Marshal). These signatures confirm attendance and the satisfactory performance of duty at that grade at a minimum of a further three rallies run under MSA permit


(unless already attended) have attended a Training Seminar approved by the MSA for that purpose, and have the MSA Registration Card stamped accordingly

Note: Although the previous ‘grandfather rights` introduced at the launch of the Rally Marshals Registration Scheme have now expired, anyone who has already marshalled satisfactorily on at least six events may (on the recommendation of his or her club) be proposed directly for Grade 2 appointment, but he or she must have attended an approved training session as above before that upgrade can be actioned.

To upgrade from Grade 2 to Grade 1

A marshal must have obtained signatures on the reverse of the MSA Registration Card from a Chief Marshal or other Senior Event Official (e.g. Stage Commander, Sector Marshal). These signatures confirm attendance and the satisfactory performance of duty at that grade at a minimum of five further rallies run under MSA permit.


the marshal must have attended at least two Training Days approved by the MSA for that purpose, including separate specific modules for Risk Assessment & Safety Planning ; Major Incident Handling & Communications ; Stage Set-up and Operation. In addition, applicants must submit with their signed registration card a letter from an MSA licenced Stage Rally Clerk of Course, confirming that the applicant has acted as a Deputy Stage Commander or Deputy Event Safety Officer on a named National B Stage Rally.

[Specific training modules to address the above requirements are available from the MSA electronically to MSA Training Instructors upon request*]

* = Available from July 2004 – note that upgrades to Grade 1 cannot therefore be considered until after that time and only then when all the above criteria have been met.

FAQ`s (Frequently asked questions)

Why didn`t we get a renewal form for 2004?
Originally the intention was that the MSA issue renewal forms. However, the success of the scheme (with over 6000 registrations by January 2004) meant that this was no longer cost effective. New cards were therefore automatically issued to everyone previously on the register at their recorded grade, and the validity for the next period extended to 31st December 2005

What do I do with last year`s Registration Cards?
These should be held by the individual marshal as their record of duties undertaken, and photocopies will be required in the event of a subsequent upgrade being requested.

How do I claim an upgrade?
Check the upgrade requirements above (some of the criteria have been revised), and when you have the appropriate evidence to back up your request, send this to the MSA Licensing Department – your original ‘old` and current registration card held should be included to demonstrate evidence of appropriate duties/training undertaken. (Remember to retain a photocopy of both sides of any ‘old` and current registration card sent in for your records and to enable you to still accrue any further signatures whilst your original card is with the MSA).

I have lost my current card – how do I get another one?
My address or other details have changed – what do I need to do?

In both cases, a telephone call to the Licensing Department at the MSA will enable a replacement card (showing any changed details as may be appropriate) to be issued.

The space for signatures on the back of my card has been completely filled – what do I do next?
Ask for a ‘Continuation Card` from the MSA (these are sized the same as the Registration cards)

Some of my fellow marshals have received a free safety tabard from the MSA. When will I receive mine?
In early 2003, these free MSA tabards were issued to all marshals on the register at that time, thanks to the support of Alexander Forbes Risk Management Services and SLE Worldwide. During 2004, another batch will be issued to those who have joined since that time.

April 2004