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Rally Championship Control Panel
To maintain the status of a recognised Championship the average number of registered contenders during the previous year should be;

Championships organised on a national basis – normally forty contenders,

Commercial and/or Manufacturer organised Championships including single make – normally ten contenders,

All other principal and commercial Championships will be subject to specific review by the Control Panel.

· Any new Commercial and/or Manufacturer backed Championship or Series must have guaranteed support for a minimum of three years. Any other new Championship must comprise of valid status rallies and organising clubs, demonstrate competitor support and justify Championship Status.

· If the Rally Championship Control Panel consider that any new Championship or any fundamental change to an existing Championship (such as a new class or classes) conflicts with an existing registered Championship in terms of;

Technical Regulations and/or,
Sporting Regulations (i.e. status, potential competitors, rounds etc.) and/or,
Selection of Events,

then the new Championship will need to demonstrate to the Rally Championship Control Panel that there is a place in the market for their proposal.

· Any Championship contained within a Championship must have separate Championship Regulations and be individually approved.

· Classes within a Championship may not be promoted as a championship with or without the title ‘Championship`, unless approved as above.

· If the Rally Championship Control Panel believes that the ‘market` is already covered by an existing Championship then it will require the proposers of the new Championship to discuss their proposals with the existing Championship Organisers. Written confirmation will be required that the existing Championship Organisers are in agreement with the newly proposed Championship or changes to a Championship before authorisation will be granted.

· If these discussions do not result in all parties agreeing to the proposals then the Rally Championship Control Panel will be empowered to order that both parties present their cases for arbitration in accordance with MSA Regulation A3.2. The decision of the MSA Arbitration Tribunal (consisting of a legally qualified chairman and two members experienced in motor sport) will be binding on all parties.

Click HERE to view or download the 2005 MSA Rally Championship forms - Application of Intent and the Sporting & Technical Regulations Master Format