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Russell Anderson to represent UK on CIK
Russell`s appointment means that not only will British karting continue to have a vital say in decisions being taken at world level, but its views will be presented by one of its most knowledgeable minds.

He will also keep up to date the MSA`s newly-formed Kart Regional Committee – set up to discuss UK karting matters and make proposals to safeguard the sport`s interests nationally.

Colin Hilton, Chief Executive of the MSA, says: “I am delighted that Russell has been appointed UK delegate on the CIK. He is a highly respected and influential figure in karting circles and his knowledge and experience make him an excellent asset to the CIK.”

Having started racing karts in 1959, Russell has devoted his life to the sport, going on to become a successful team manager and constructor, predominantly in long circuit gearbox karting.

Russell has been Chairman of the ABkC for four years and attended his first CIK meeting as an official member of the Commission at the FIA in Paris on Thursday 25 November.

“I must thank the MSA for nominating me to the CIK,” comments Russell. “This shows the MSA understands how important it is to have someone who works in the field acting as a link between UK and international karting.

“It is a good step for this country that someone who is on the ground and a link between clubs and competitors to the MSA is now also involved with the CIK. I believe I fulfil that criterion.

Russell adds: “Currently I sense a fresh breeze running through the CIK and look forward to taking up my role and keeping this country in touch with what is happening internationally and vice versa.

“The CIK sets the parameters for world, European and national championships. With the new structure that has recently been put in place, important matters can now be discussed in full and communication is a lot better.”