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Clarification for Sprint and Hillclimb competitors

The Motor Sports Association would like to draw attention to an omission in the 2009 Competitors’ and Officials’ Yearbook within Section I – Sprints, Hillclimbs and Drag Racing.


Regulation (I)68 governing Categories and Classes in Sprint and Hillclimb events should read as follows:



68. Categories and Classes are free, but must be stated in the SR’s. The following are recommended, and where used, must comply with the regulations printed in (I)70 to (I)132 respectively.  These Categories will be mandatory from 1st January 2010.


Categories are defined in the following regulations (70-132). Classes within those categories are free but must be stated in the SRs.



Road-Going Series Production Cars             Cars complying with 70-81

Road-Going Specialist Production Cars        Cars complying with 70-81

Modified Limited Production Cars                Cars complying with 82-102

Modified Specialist Production Cars             Cars complying with 82-102

Hill Climb Super Sports Cars                       Cars complying with 103-122

Sports Libre Cars                                       Cars complying with 123-129

Racing Cars                                              Cars complying with 130-132



For the avoidance of doubt, this confirms that Categories and Classes remain free for 2009, but will become mandatory in 2010.





Release MSA08-051: 27 November 2008


No regulatory value: for information purposes only