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MSA awards British Rallycross titles to Lydden Hill

Following an open tender process, the Motor Sports Association has awarded the title rights to the MSA British Rallycross Championship and the MSA British Rallycross Grand Prix to Lydden Hill Race Circuit for a period of three years from 1 January 2010.



“The MSA received a good response to its invitation to tender for the MSA British Rallycross Championship and also the MSA British Rallycross Grand Prix,” said Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive.


“Following careful consideration we are pleased to confirm that we have signed a contract for both these MSA British titles with Lydden Hill Race Circuit Ltd. We are confident that they are the right partner to continue the development of this important and exciting discipline of motor sport. The MSA would like to thank all those that took the time and effort to submit tenders.”


“Our vision is to take this sport to the next level in terms of status and professionalism,” said Amy Doran, who led the successful tender on behalf of Lydden Hill, which was supported by the current organisers – the British Rallycross Drivers’ Association.


“The MSA British Rallycross Championship should be regarded in the same way as the BRC or the BTCC; the British championship should always be the pinnacle of the sport and competitors should aspire to compete within it.


“We believe that Rallycross has a great future. The ever-increasing costs of stage rallying are making our events more attractive to drivers and their cars, and overall the numbers in this sport are up. We know what we want to do and our track record has proved that we can do it, so now we can’t wait to make a success of the British championship and the British Grand Prix.”




Release MSA09-032: 5 August 2009