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MSA congratulates Kris Meeke, Paul Nagle and Peugeot UK on IRC success

Colin Hilton, Chief Executive, Motor Sports Association:

“On behalf of the UK governing body, I would like to congratulate Kris and Paul on their fabulous achievement in claiming the IRC title. They have consistently performed at the highest level this year and are deserving champions; we look forward to seeing them on Rally of Scotland in November for a proper celebration.


“For British motor sport, international success is essential to delivering on our ambitions to grow the sport. We will continue to invest in the next generation to ensure that the future Kris Meekes, Lewis Hamiltons and Jenson Buttons get every opportunity to make the most of their talents.


“We should also recognise the contribution of Peugeot UK to this success. Their support and investment in Kris and Paul has now been repaid many times over and their experience should demonstrate to other manufacturers and brands the great returns that can be had from really getting behind our British drivers.”



Robert Reid, Performance Director, Motor Sports Association:

“It’s great to see a British driver back at the top of the sport. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of Kris’s whole approach to the season and he has proven the promise that has been evident for a long time.

“I can also appreciate what Paul has put in to their performances this season. It’s tough being out of the limelight but not out of the pressure, because part of the job is to take the pressure off the driver, without taking it off you. He’s done brilliantly and it’s been a great team performance.” 



Release MSA09-037: 29 September 2009