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MSA unveils regulations for Bambino karting class

Following outline approval being given at last month’s Motor Sports Council meeting, the Motor Sports Association has now confirmed the regulations that will govern Bambino Karting for six and seven year olds from 1 January 2010.


Bambino karting will provide an MSA-sanctioned competitive environment for young karters from their sixth birthday to the day of their eighth birthday. Competitors must hold an MSA kart clubman licence available either on the day or from the MSA; this normally costs £30, but thanks to the MSA’s recent initiative, first time applications for an MSA licence are free to those under 16 years of age.


The Bambino format does not permit any form of racing between competitors and only a set number of karts will be allowed on the circuit at any one time. It is therefore an individual time trial event, with drivers classified and rewarded according to their performance against the track’s ‘target time’ that will have been set by an experienced Cadet driver.


Drivers achieving a time within 5% of the target will be given a Gold award, those between 5% and 15% will receive a Silver award and those between 15% and 25% will be awarded a Bronze. Additional awards may be made by the individual club. Those drivers achieving six signatures in Bambino karting, including at least three Silver or Gold awards, will be exempt from the ARKS practical test upon reaching their 8th birthday.


The precise regulations will vary according to location. Venues wishing to operate Bambino karting must submit an application to the MSA for an extension of their track licence and this will require a mandatory inspection by the MSA’s Technical Department. Details for each venue’s target track time, number of permitted karts, start intervals, marshal posts etc will then be confirmed within the track licence document.


The Bambino karts must conform to Blue Book regulations, adapted where required to be compatible with the smaller chassis, while the engines must produce no more than 3hp. All competitors must wear Blue Book approved clothing and equipment and the latest Snell-FIA specification helmets that have been produced specifically for young people will be mandatory for all participants.


Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive:

“We have seen a great surge of interest in karting over the last couple of years and the introduction of this Bambino class is a response to the demands of competitors and organisers. As ever, the MSA’s primary consideration is one of safety; we have to recognise the limitations of children at six years of age and make sure that we minimise the risks as far as possible.


“While some may consider six years old to be too young for this type of activity, the Motor Sports Council has taken the pragmatic view that it is better to embrace it and introduce strict regulations under the control of the governing body, than to let something develop that is less well regulated.”


For the full summary of Bambino regulations, please click here.



Any clubs or circuits interested in seeking an extension to their MSA Track Licence for Bambino karting should email:


Any commercial bodies interested in registering equipment for use in Bambino karting should contact the MSA Technical Department: Registration is entirely at the discretion of the MSA and applicants would normally be expected to be members of the BKIA.


Release MSA09-040: 12 October 2009