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MSA issues clarification over Cadet kart fairings
The Motor Sports Association has issued a clarification regarding the suitability of certain fairings registered for use in MSA Cadet karting.
The MSA had received reports about a number of incidents in which it had been suggested that the fairings used on ZIP Storm and NJR karts had caused a hazard. Both ZIP and NJR fairings had been registered in 2007 following consultation and agreement with the Kart Sporting Committee and the Kart Technical Group.
As a result of its duty of care to all participants, the MSA has fully investigated these claims but has found no evidence to substantiate them.
As a part of routine monitoring, however, it has been noted that many fairings were damaged and/or not fitted in accordance with MSA Regulations; MSA Scrutineers have since been briefed to pay particular attention to these issues.
The MSA does not, therefore, consider that there is any evidence to suggest that these registrations should be reconsidered.
The full MSA report can be found by clicking here.
Release MSA09-052:  23 November 2009