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Sprint & Hill Climb regulation clarification
Following recent discussion regarding tyres in Roadgoing Categories for Sprint & Hill Climb Events, the Motor Sports Association is pleased to clarify the regulation as follows:
Tyre Requirements in Sprints & Hill Climbs
The Technical Regulations applicable to the Category of “Roadgoing Production Cars and Roadgoing Specialist Production Cars” are set out within (S)11.
(S)11.6.2. states:  Wheels and Tyres.  “Except for Period Defined Vehicles (Non-Rally) A-H inclusive are to (L) List 1A and List 1B.”
Championship/Event Organisers are then free, within these Categories, by means of Class Regulation to specify tyre choice to being either (L) List 1A, (L) List 1B or any specific tyre from either list.  In order to do so appropriate regulation must be incorporated into the specific Championship/Event Regulations.
Release MSA10-023: 10 March 2010
This communication is for general release and is authorised to hold regulatory value.