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MSA announces new intermediate kart class
The MSA has confirmed the introduction of a new intermediate kart class, effective from 1st January 2011, following last week’s meeting of the Kart Sporting Committee that agreed the move in principle.
The new class has been created to address the widely acknowledged differences that exist between Cadets and the current Junior classes such as Junior TKM, Rotax MiniMax and Junior Blue that allow 11-year-olds to compete against 17-year-olds. The significant differences between the weight of the driver, speed of the kart and the size of chassis have created significant issues for the safety of the younger drivers.
The new intermediate class, aimed at drivers between 10-14 years of age (entry age subject to minimum licence requirement), will safely bridge the gap between the Cadet and Junior classes and will bring the UK more closely into line with the class structure in use elsewhere in Europe.
The entry age for Junior classes, such as Junior TKM, Rotax MiniMax and Junior Blue, will be raised from the current 11th birthday to the year of 12th birthday from 1st January 2011, although any driver currently in these classes will not be affected by the change.
“We know that there are already too many classes in karting, but this is a very necessary change,” explains Rod Taylor, Chairman of Kart Sporting Committee. “We have inappropriate kart/driver weight ratios that can be as high as 3:1 in current Junior classes, so the new intermediate class will address that issue by allowing drivers to use equipment more suited in size and power to their stature. The chassis for this class will be intermediate sized and the engines will be of an intermediate power, both falling appropriately between those in the current Cadet classes and the current Junior classes.”
The official title of the new class and the full Technical Regulations will be confirmed in due course, but the MSA has confirmed that there will not be a National Championship for this new class in 2011.
Release MSA10-028: 18 March 2010
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