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Kart chassis protectors regulation clarification

The Motor Sports Council meeting of 9 March 2010 approved the implementation with immediate effect of new Regulation U16.3.6 which states:


‘Independent components solely attached to the underside of the chassis tubes which may make contact with the ground may not be fitted unless they are of an approved design specifically approved by the MSA.’


The Motor Sports Association (MSA) wishes to clarify that no independent component on the underside of the kart which may make contact with the ground may be fitted, unless it has approval from the MSA. Approval is by way of official registration by the MSA. The MSA further confirms that only non-metallic chassis protectors will be considered for registration.


To date, only KKC Kart Components Limited has obtained the necessary registration from the MSA. Should further manufacturers obtain the necessary registration, details will be made available on the MSA website.


As with all technical matters, the MSA Technical Department is available for further information.


Release MSA10-036: 19 May 2010
This communication is for general release and is authorised to hold regulatory value.