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MSA launches new video website:
The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has officially launched – a free access, user-generated website dedicated to showcasing the best of domestic UK motor sport action.
The new site provides a platform for every MSA-registered club to upload material free of charge for all to see. Each home page can be customised with logos and sponsor credits, as well as providing a link to an external website which can be used to drive traffic.
As well as providing clubs with an easy way to publicise its activities and events, it is hoped that the new site will enable fans to find action from domestic and grass roots motor sport events in one place on the internet.
The quality of material on the site will vary between event, ranging from professionally produced 30-minute programmes to amateur hand-held footage and will cover all disciplines, from circuit racing and stage rallying to Autotest and Trials.
The MSA is keen that all material should be eligible from any of its authorised events, but advises organisers to ensure that the broadcast of any footage does not infringe any copyright or Intellectual Property rights. In this respect, the MSA is delighted that MotorSport Vision has given permission for all clubs to post in-car video footage filmed at MSV circuits onto the Go Motorsport TV channel.
MSA Chief Executive, Colin Hilton, said:
“This is a really exciting initiative for the MSA and British motor sport. Of course, it will start slowly but as the popularity of the service grows and the number of visitors increases, so will the benefit of the site to those participating clubs.

“We could have set up a dedicated channel within YouTube or other online broadcast facility, but we were fortunate that was made available to us free of charge and allows the MSA, and therefore the sport, to retain all control of the site and its content.
“As media platforms continue to converge and we move away from the traditional broadcasting model, this bespoke route to market for the motor sport community could become increasingly important. The target must be to develop this facility into the definitive home of domestic motor sport footage which will be both valuable to clubs and popular among fans.”
Clubs or championships wishing to register for the service should e-mail, detailing the club or championship name and full contact information. Approved users will then receive a unique username and password for their channel, along with comprehensive publishing instructions. Meanwhile fans need simply to visit to enjoy the footage.