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MSA issues final Super Cadet Regulations

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has issued final Regulations for the new Super Cadet class, following a successful demonstration race at PF International in October.


The MSA has approved applications for both Formula Kart Stars and the Super One Series to run Super Cadet championships from 2011. Kart clubs may also apply to the MSA to run the Super Cadet class as part of their club meetings.


To date, 17 Super Cadet chassis have been jointly homologated by the MSA and the DMSB (the German ASN); click here to view the list of chassis. Currently, only steel rear bumpers are permitted for the class, but CIK crash tested rear protection systems will be permitted when available.


Engines that are homologated by the CSAI (the Italian ASN) will be eligible for the class, provided that they are registered with the MSA by the manufacturers by 31 December 2010. The list of MSA-registered engines will be published and updated on the MSA website.


Exceptionally, the MSA can confirm that any drivers currently competing in Junior classes will be permitted to revert to the Super Cadet class in 2011 if they fall within the eligible age range.


MSA General Secretary Rob Jones said: “The Super Cadet class is designed to address concerns about young, lightweight drivers stepping into classes with adult-sized equipment too soon. The demonstration race at PF International showed that the class fulfils this objective, and so we are pleased to be able to release the final Regulations package for 2011.”


To view the final Super Cadet Regulations for 2011, please click here.


As Super Cadet is a development class, the Regulations may be subject to amendment during the course of 2011. Any such Regulation changes will be published on the MSA website.


Release MSA10-064: 29 November 2010
For media information only. No regulatory value.