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MSA unveils new structure of governance for UK karting

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has restructured the governance of UK karting, with the implementation of the new Kart Committee from January 2011.


The formation of the Kart Committee follows the recent Karting Review, which highlighted a need for regional representation within the MSA structure.


The Kart Committee will be chaired by MSA General Secretary Rob Jones for its inaugural year and will comprise the following regional delegates:


  • Midlands: Terry Bateman and Graham Smith
  • South West and South Wales: Ian Rennison and Ron Shone
  • South East and East Anglia: Chris Pullman and Colin Wright
  • Northern England and North Wales: Malcolm Fell and John Rogerson
  • Scotland: Fraser Hallhouse and Clive Steyn
  • Northern Ireland: Keith Wilkinson and Paul Fullerton

Russell Anderson will be the representative of the Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) which will hold a seat on the Kart Committee for the first three years.


The Kart Committee will be supported by Sub-Committees of Kart Sporting and Kart Technical. The Sub-Committees will be chaired by Rod Taylor (Sporting) and MSA Technical Executive John Ryan (Technical), who will also have a seat on the main Kart Committee.


MSA General Secretary and incoming Kart Committee Chairman, Rob Jones, said: “Karting is the bedrock of UK motor sport and it is essential that the MSA ensures that the Kart Committee represents everyone in karting. We believe that the revised structure will build further on the considerable success of karting in the UK.”


Release MSA10-066: 06 December 2010
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