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MSA announces 2011 Forestry Commission fees

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has confirmed the fees that will be charged for providing access to the Forestry Estate for MSA-permitted rally events in 2011. Following a 12-month extension of the Master Agreement, prices have increased in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) at 4.5%.

The rates per mile for 2011 are:

Special Stage Rallies (including Multi-Use and Historic Special Stage Rallies)
Primary usage: £599.00
Secondary usage: £355.00

Endurance Road Rallies
Primary usage: £182.00
Secondary usage: £113.00

National Cross Country Events (Tyres Restricted) (Competitive Safari or Hill Rally)
Primary usage
Category A roads: £187.00
Category B roads and other surfaces: £60.00
Secondary usage
Category A roads: £90.00
Category B roads and other surfaces: £30.00

Road Rallies
Primary usage: £90.00
Secondary usage: £49.00

Navigation Rallies
Primary usage: £49.00
Secondary usage: £49.00

Rally Time Trial
Rally Time Trial (multiple usage): £1306.00

Forestry Commission Permit
International Rally of GB: £2722.00
British Rally Championship rounds: £1089.00
Other events: £301.00

Right to Roam Closure Order
CROW Act 2001: £116.00