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MSA publishes final list of 2011 Cadet homologations

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has published the final list of 2011 MSA Cadet homologations for chassis and brake systems, which applies to all Cadet classes (Comer, Honda and WTP).

The full list can be found on the Kart Technical Documents page of the MSA website or by clicking here. Individual fiches will also be made available on the MSA website in due course; official copies printed on MSA security paper are available from the MSA sales department.

Until last year competitors were required to use the MSA-homologated Cadet brake system from the same homologation as their chassis. However, the MSA has now removed this requirement and competitors are therefore permitted to use any combination of MSA-homologated Cadet chassis and brake systems, provided that they are compatible.

The list of brake system homologations also applies to the Super Cadet class, with the exception of any non-hydraulic systems featured on the list.

Release MSA11-008: 12 January 2010
For media information only. No regulatory value.