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Motor Sports Council approves immediate rule change for Safety Roll-Over Structures

At the latest meeting of the Motor Sports Council, which took place at the Royal Automobile Club on Tuesday 8th March, it was unanimously agreed to implement immediate changes to Regulations K1.3.1 and K1.3.5, which cover the Technical Specifications of Rollcages.

Following a National Court judgement last September, the Technical Advisory Panel was asked to review the regulation.

The Technical Advisory Panel confirmed to the Motor Sports Council that as front hoop failure was a possible risk where multiple bends appear in ROPS members, an additional Windscreen Pillar Reinforcement must now be fitted in these circumstances.

This change takes immediate effect and competitors are advised to ensure that all vehicles are fully compliant with the new regulations before any future event. Should further advice be required, competitors are encouraged to speak to the MSA Technical Department or an MSA-registered Scrutineer.

To view the revised regulations, please click here.

Release MSA11-038: 10 March 2011
This communication is for general release and is authorised to hold regulatory value.