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InterSteps becomes first ever MSA Under 18 Compliant championship

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has awarded Under 18 Compliant status to the new Dunlop InterSteps Championship, which has become the first to commit to upholding the governing body’s principals regarding the welfare, education and development of young competitors.

The MSA’s U18 Policy covers the issues of education, anti-doping, child protection and the recruitment of young participants through the MSA’s Go Motorsport campaign. To view the MSA U18 Policy, click here.

InterSteps, backed by MSA Academy partner Racing Steps Foundation (RSF), has received MSA U18 Compliant status in advance of its maiden season, after implementing a number of measures to promote the welfare of young people in its championship:

• Ensuring that events do not conflict with national exam timetables
• Mandating that all competitors can take time out of school to compete only if their head teachers provide written approval; this approval can be revoked if their schoolwork suffers
• Committing to the provision of dedicated quiet space for study at all race events
• Hosting – and encouraging participation in – MSA Academy Performance Master Classes at a number of test and race events throughout the season.

Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive, said: “The MSA has a responsibility to each of the 3,000 competition licence holders under 18 years of age. While every young driver believes that they will go on to become world champion, we know that the reality is that this is a very rare feat. Furthermore, all of our discussions with the leading teams confirm that they are looking for well educated drivers; not those that have dropped out of school to go testing. 

“We are working with a number of the championships at this level in order to create a more responsible approach, but we are delighted that InterSteps has really taken the initiative in implementing all of the proposed elements. We are delighted to designate InterSteps as the first Under 18 Compliant championship.”

Ian Watson, Business Development Manager at the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC),  said: “When the InterSteps concept was originally conceived, it was always the intention – both of BARC and RSF – to ensure that we made the championship as responsible as possible. In the long-term, it does no-one any good if we are encouraging young people to turn their backs on their own personal development in order to go racing.”

Release MSA11-040: 18 March 2011
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