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MSA issues amendments to kart rear axle Regulations



The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has issued amendments to MSA General Regulations regarding kart rear axles, to be implemented with immediate effect.

The full and amended Regulations, with deletions struck through and additions highlighted in red, are as follows:


U18.8. All classes must use axles of magnetic steel material with a maximum external diameter of 50mm and a minimum wall thickness of 1.9mm at all points.

U18.8.1. The axle wall thickness at all points (except in keyway housings) must comply as minimum to the dimensions shown in the table below. Exceptionally axles for use in 210 and 250 National classes with a diameter greater than 40mm must have a minimum wall thickness of 2.9mm. Please also refer to class regulations for any variations.

Release MSA11-047: 29 June 2011
This communication is for general release and is authorised to hold regulatory value.