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Motor sport action sees off threat to 14/28-day planning regulations

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is delighted that the UK motor sport community has played a significant role in dissuading government officials from recommending changes to planning regulations that could have caused significant damage to the sport.

In July the Department for Communities and Local Government released an issues paper regarding the way in which change of use (of land) is handled within the planning system. This included a review of the 14/28-day rule (Permitted Development Rights – provision within planning legislation for temporary change of use) under which approximately 60 per cent of MSA motor sport takes place.

The MSA urged the motor sport community to respond to the consultation and ensure that the sport’s voice was heard. Following the consultation, it was confirmed to the Land Access and Recreation Association (LARA) – of which the MSA is a founding member – that officials did not consider that there was any basis for advising ministers to amend the 14/28-day rule in any way that affects motor sport. 

MSA Chief Executive Colin Hilton said: “We try not to mobilise the motor sport community too often, but it is encouraging to see the overwhelming response when there is a matter of significant national importance. It appears that almost half of the responses submitted as part of the consultation were from people involved in motor sport. This is the second time in ten years that we have had to explain to government the importance of this legislation; not just for motor sport, but also for village fetes, carnivals and other community activities.”

16 September 2011