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Motor Sports Association statement
The Motor Sports Association (MSA) regrets that a 37-year-old woman died yesterday (28 April) while taking part in a Sprint event held at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The MSA sends its deepest condolences to her family and friends at this time.
The event was an officially sanctioned Sprint, organised under the auspices of the Motor Sports Association, national governing body of four-wheel motor sport. A Sprint is a time trial in which cars take to the circuit in turn to set their fastest time; it is a popular discipline of motor sport and has an excellent safety record.
As with any serious incident in or around motor sport, the MSA is now working closely with the police, other agencies and the organising club to establish precisely what happened on this occasion. It is clear that the event rescue unit and paramedic were very close to the accident and were immediately on scene, before the casualty was evacuated by helicopter to Southampton General Hospital.
The MSA will be making no further statement at this time.

29th April 2012