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Immediate changes to karting regulations

The Motor Sports Council has approved a number of immediate changes to karting regulations in the interest of safety. The amended regulations are as follows:
C2.3.1. At kart races, where a licensed timekeeper is not present a time penalty cannot be applied, but a competitor may be moved back up to five places in the results in lieu of a time penalty.  Where a licensed timekeeper is present either a time penalty or place penalty may be imposed.
Implementation:  Immediate


U12.7. Kart engines must not be run in the pits or paddock.
U12.7.1. Kart engines may only be run in an area designated by the organisers, which shall include the live area of the circuit. When starting engines the driver must be seated correctly in the seat with all four wheels of the kart on the ground. Exceptionally non-clutch classes may start their engines, in the same designated area, with the kart positioned on a trolley in a position that will not endanger others.
U12.7.2. Gearbox karts may start their engines in an area designated as above by using suitable blocks under the rear part of the chassis.
U12.7.3. Any kart engine run in a designated area (U12.7.1.), other than in the live areas of the circuit, must not run for more than 10 seconds.

Implementation:  immediate

Reason:  Safety, to restrict the unsafe practice of starting engines in awnings and throughout the paddock.

When weighed, Tthe Driver must have with him his crash helmet and goggles, as raced, for weighing him all mandatory items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required by 13.1-13.3. For classes that include a minimum driver weight and/or maximum kart weight combined with the minimum class weight, only mandatory items of PPE, as required by 13.1-13.3, are to be included when the Driver is weighed with or without the Kart.

Implementation: Immediate

  Safety. To negate the use of ‘weighted’ items such as rib protectors etc. Mandatory PPE includes helmet, gloves, boots and overalls, all as defined in U13.1-13.3

N.B. the regulation amendments above as displayed as red additions and struck through deletions.
10 September 2012
This communication is for general release and is authorised to hold regulatory value.