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MSA issues kart regulations clarification

The Motor Sports Association wishes to clarify MSA General Regulations regarding starting kart engines in paddocks and minimum driver weights in karting.
These regulations were amended post-ratification for reasons of clarity. However due to a production error the original – superseded – wording was published on the carrier sheet of the winter 2012 edition of MSA magazine.
The wording that will appear in the 2013 MSA Yearbook, and which is enforced with immediate effect, is as follows:
U12.7. For Short Circuit Karting only, kart engines must not be run in the pits or paddock.

U12.7.1. Kart engines may only be started in an area designated by the organisers, which shall include the live area of the circuit. When starting engines the driver must be seated correctly in the seat with all four wheels of the kart on the ground. Exceptionally non-centrifugal-clutch classes may start their engines, in the same designated area, with the kart positioned on a trolley in a position that will not endanger others.

Date of implementation: Immediate

Reason: Safety, to restrict the unsafe practice of starting engines in awnings and throughout the paddock.

Note: the reason for this amendment is that following approval by MSC it was noted that this regulation is not practical for Long Circuit Karting, which uses Car Racing Circuits. Additionally, it was anticipated that gearbox Karts, with a non-centrifugal clutch, would be permitted to be started on a stand as there is a method of control to stop the wheels rotating.
U17.29.6. For classes that include a minimum driver weight only mandatory items of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as required by 13.1-13.3, are to be included when the Driver is weighed.

Date of implementation: Immediate

Reason: Safety. To negate the use of ‘weighted’ items such as rib protectors etc. Mandatory PPE includes helmet, gloves, boots and overalls, all as defined in U13.1-13.3

Note: the reason for this amendment is that following MSC approval it was noted that the regulation as written would put competitors at an unfair weight disadvantage within minimum total class weight by using potential additional non-mandatory safety items such as Rib Protectors. By simplifying the regulation we can ensure that drivers who are too small will not be permitted to enter the relevant classes.
The MSA apologises for any confusion or inconvenience caused.
23 November 2012
This communication is for general release and is authorised to hold regulatory value.